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Deploying a Spring Boot Application to IBM Bluemix

19.06.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot

This post is the first part of a series of how to deploy a Spring Boot application to the cloud. We'll start with IBM Bluemix.

Detecting a Mobile Device with Spring Boot

15.06.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot | Spring MVC

Detecting mobiles is straight forward with Spring Boot when you know there's a secret module that does the heavy lifting: Spring Mobile.

3 Learning Mistakes Developers Make

14.06.2017 by Jens in Developers Life | Learning

Learning can be fun or hard or maybe both. For me, it's often a mix of both. I developed my own learning style over many, many years. It usually works well for me and I pick up new topics, be it a new programming paradigm, language or business stuff, pretty straight forward. However, when I tried to learn some basic Japanese last year, I forgot everything and made some common mistakes again.

Can You Learn Spring Boot without Prior Knowledge of the Spring Framework?

01.06.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot | Learning | Developers Life

Recently, I was asked if one can learn to build applications with Spring Boot without having any knowledge and experience of the Spring Framework. Here's my answer to this question.

How to Create Your Own Starter for Spring Boot

24.05.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot

Spring Boot provides a good set of starters for the popular open source frameworks used in modern Spring applications. However, it is not limited to that, and we are not at the mercy of the Spring Boot gods. We can create our own starters.