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Recent Articles

API Documentation with RAML

17.11.2017 by Jens in APIs | API Business

This is the third part of the API documentation series. In the last part we explored the first solution using API Blueprint a bit, and in this article, we are covering RAML.

API Documentation with API Blueprint

15.11.2017 by Jens in APIs | API Business

This is the second part of the API documentation series. In the first, we covered for whom the documentation is written, what it should contain and the three different types of writing it. Starting with this part, we dive a bit deeper into the latter and explore some standard formats and ways of writing.

API Documentation Overview

10.11.2017 by Jens in APIs | API Business

Documenting your API is extremely important. Without documentation, nobody, not your product owner, devs or your customers know what your API does and how to use it. In this article series, we will take a look at common ways of documenting, their advantages and disadvantages and explore different solutions.

Building an API is a Joint Venture of Tech and Business

09.11.2017 by Jens in APIs | API Business

APIs have gone a long way from a purely technical thing to now being a core business. Many businesses depend so much on their APIs that they would go out of business when the APIs fail. But whos responsible for building and maintaining?

Change is Inevitable - Do you Adapt or Go Extinct?

06.11.2017 by Jens in Developers Life | Learning

I recently stumbled upon a cartoon which made that really visually - it is a bit harsh but pretty accurate.

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