2d and 3d game and rendering engines for python

26.08.2008 by azarai in game development | pygame | python

Thanks to the nice feedback i got for 2D Game Engines for Python i decided to compile a list of 2d and 3d game development possibilities with python i found so far. It might not be complete, but i'll maintain the list from time to time when i find new engines or get tips from you. Your feedback is generally very appreciated.

Last update on 31.12.2012

2D Game and Rendering engines:

  • PyGame Python binding for sdl and more
  • pyglet 2D games with opengl. No external dependencies, besides python of course ;-) Uses OpenGL
  • Pycap The PopCap Game Framework for Python
  • SpriteCraft Small game engine with python bindings
  • ika RPG game engine with python scripting
  • FIFEngine platform independent game engine with python scripting
  • cocos2d framework for 2d game and graphical/interactive applications; uses pyglet
  • Construct Gamebuilder like tool which supports Scripting in python, uses directx - windows only
  • marishco A 2D casual game framework (DirectX & OpenGL).
  • Pilas full game engine based on pygame; with editor gui (spanish only docs)

Tile and Sprite engines for Pygame and pyglet

  • PGU - Phil's pyGame Utilities supports isometric and hex too
  • Waldi Tile Engine simple tile engines with sprite support (incl. animation) and collision detection. stores map in xml
  • Rabbyt fast sprite engine, can use either pygame or pyglet
  • Spryte is a sprite enigne for pyglet and can be found in their svn

3D Game and Rendering engines

  • PyOpenGL pure binding to opengl
  • Python-Ogre Ogre 3D for python, supports various libs like ODE too
  • Panda3D full game engine in C++ with python integration
  • Pyrr binding to the irrlicht engine
  • Blender Game Engine
  • Soya 3D object oriented "high level" 3D engine for Python
  • Delta3D Open Source Game and Simulation engine with python scripting
  • PyCrystal binding for Crystal Space
  • Sylphis3D commercial game engine with GPL version available
  • pyglet Uses OpenGL and can therefor do 3D too
  • Construct Gamebuilder like tool which supports Scripting in python, uses directx - windows only
  • PySoy 3D game engine based on C/python. AGPLv3
  • Eden Eden is a high-level wrapper and extender for the Panda 3D rendering engine. BSD/LGPL

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