Matrix - Fullscreen Editor for purists

14.12.2006 by kerim in matrix | python

Matrix has its own page now ! Please use this page here for comments. Otherwise you might directly go here.
The text in this entry is outdated !

Current Version (january 30th 2007): 0.4

(original size 1400x1050 (just right click and select “show picture”)

A short while ago i came upon a nice application called darkroom. It is a fullscreen editor and itself a kind of clone from WriteRoom.
Both of these applications are fullscreen editors. WriteRoom is for Mac only, Darkroom is for Windows only. The later requires .NET 2.0 which is where my problems started....
-I don’t have .NET at every pc i work with, nor can i or do i want to install it everywhere.
-And aside of windows I happen to occationally work with linux

What do we have python and wxPython for ? wx was on my list of “things to try out”anyway so I just thought i implement a third version of such a fullscreen editor.
The outcome i called “Matrix” in analogy to the computer-screens in the film. Matrix is a fullscreen editor, simple, easy, with no extra special features that nobody needs (well at least I don’t). It loads and saves, allows to copy, paste,cut and change the font (size, color). I found the ability to go fullscreen very good. No other applications, task bars etc. to distract you.

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