Your Customers Complain about Your API?

You offer an API to your customers?

It is an essential part of your and your customers business?

But it takes ages to set up a new customer and get them running?

Your API is confusing? Your documentation is outdated? It is too slow?

They call and block your support line? Your developers do already 2nd level support and have no time for implementing new features anymore?

Sure sign it is going downhill.

But there is a way out if you know where the problems hide.

My API Onboarding Teardown service will provide you insights into where the pitfalls are, and you will get recommendations for solving them.

How does it work?

  • You order my service below for a fixed price
  • We do a briefing over email, chat or skype in which you tell me about your business, goals around your API, your typical customers, standard support issues, etc.
  • You will provide access to your API and documentation and onboard me like any of your customers
  • I will use your API and try to accomplish commons task/use cases with 3 different developer personas
  • I document my findings and recommendations and send you the report over
  • You take action and fix the issues
  • Your customer, support, devs and you get happier

Your Investment: €997 (net)
Duration: ~1 week after I have access to your API

Order the API onboarding teardown