Gain Access to a Decade Of API Experience

I help you build successful APIs by uniting tech and business. Unlike other consultancies, you work directly with me and not a bunch of junior devs which are trained on your project and at your expense. Nor do I have a hidden agenda to upsell you to buy more hardware or software from me like some of the others do.

It’s just you and me, an honest relationship to build a lasting API business for you.

Strategy Consulting

You are planning to create or revamp an API for internal use or your business partners?

You don’t know the risks involved and are afraid it will fail? You are not sure if the API will be profitable at all?

Your development team doesn’t understand you or vice versa?

Get access to a decade of API experience to decrease your risk of failure.

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API Onboarding Teardown

Bad APIs can kill your customers trust in you and thus your profit. Use my API teardown to mitigate your risks.

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Coaching for Building APIs

You are planning to create an API? Is your in-house dev team unfamiliar with the unique constraints of building APIs? Decrease your risk, improve your capabilities, and get to market faster by adding my expertise to the project.

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