Become Better as a Developer with TrainCoaching

You feel stuck?

You work in an environment that discourages learning?

You want to improve as a developer?

Becoming better in Java, Spring or general dev topics like architecture and design?

Grow and become a better dev as you are today?

Doing it alone is tiresome and confusing?

Do you buy books and courses, but never finish them because you can’t find time or motivation?

Your mind is full of ideas, but at the end of the day, you did do nothing?

With my private, personalized training and coaching program TrainCoaching, you can grow as a developer. It reaps the benefits of both coaching and training plus brain power and dev experience.

Think of it as you would have a full team at your side:

  • a coach helping you to go your way on your own
  • a trainer teaching you hard-coding skills
  • a senior dev with 17+ years of dev experiences helping you improving architecture and design skills
  • a certified mental trainer who helps you to overcome self-sabotage by your brain

Instead of working and paying a whole team, you work with me - fluent in all four roles and picking strategies as it fits for improving you.

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