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Last Update: 01.05.2010. By azarai in Javascript | imago

If you are a user of Imago you might already noticed that there hasn’t been a new release for some month now. Frankly i do not spend much time improving it, neither do i really have the motivation. On the other site i’ve been thinking for while what i should do with Imago. Now i found a solution i feel comfortable with and you my fellow users are involved.

One day i stumpled over Kiva a platform for micro loans to poor people. I liked the idea of helping other through loans instead of simple donations. They need fundraising for their businesses and need to convince you to loan it. Imho a good way of helping people and i think people do value money more if they have to pay it back (banksters excluded of course, but we are talking here of average peoples :-) ). Go and check out yourself how it works. Maybe you are asking yourself right now, what has this all to do with Imago. Its pretty simple, i decided to make Imago open source but want a return for spending my time coding and supporting it. As i do not want any money for myself, but did like the idea of loaning, i make up this deal:

Join Team codeboje and loan money to the entrepreneur(s) of your choice in the name of the codeboje team and when the teams loaned money reachs the magical amount of 1000$ i’ll release Imago under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3. In no way i do earn any money with it and in the best way you get your loans back and didn’t spend any money on my software.

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