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I am an experienced coding architect - a software architect still being able and loving to code. It is my strong belief that you can not be good in software architecture and design if you do not know the used technologies and have personal experience developing in them. However, a coding architect should not code all day long as that will prevent him from fulfilling his other duties.

I’ve been working in the software industry for 17+ years now and mainly in the Java world. However, I do not live in an ivory tower and love exploring other languages, technologies and things outside of the regular developer world like psychology, business, and marketing.

For the last years, I worked as a coding architect in the book industry developing the largest book metadata store and price reference in the German market. It was an amazing time, and I am thankful for the chance of working with a fantastic team. Although now it is time to move on and I am looking for new opportunities.

Furthermore, I am running a small software and publishing business and have experience with SEO, online and Kindle marketing and with hiring and controlling freelancers.

What I am good at


I have 20+ years experience of working in tech, starting with hardware and then moving to software development only. The last 16+ years I’ve been working in the Java world either as a software architect or a developer building internet and intranet applications for small to Fortune 500 companies.

During those years, I worked in the Frontend, Backend, and often had the responsibility of Live Deployments. Usually at the intersection of tech and business.

I still love coding, but I love making the business better even more. Software without a purpose and a real positive impact are worth nothing.

Business Analysis

I love analyzing work processes in a company, finding issues and helping to make them better. Often it is enough to make a small adjustment in the process, and you can automate the whole thing with some coding.

Sometimes, it is hard, and management forgets the people involved in the process.

The best software won’t help when the people using it are overlooked and not involved in any change.

I listen to people and read the unspoken and combine it with factual data to help making a great solution.

What’s important to me


I care how people are treated at work. They are humans and not just resources. People are the foundation of every company, and I believe how you treat them has a great impact on a company’s success.

Freedom to choose time and place to work

I have a family, a wonderful daughter, and a marvelous wife. That means I got responsibilities in addition to my professional work. As both are important to me and to fulfill my duties and responsibilities, I need a certain degree of freedom when it comes to where and when I do my work.

Also, our center of life is Frankfurt, and right now we are not willing to relocate. So for working together, you must be located in Frankfurt, or I must be able to work remotely.

Hire me

Congrats, as you made it that far, reach out and let’s talk.

I am open to freelance work or a permanent position. Let’s work out the details while talking.