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Spring Boot

I've been working with the Spring Framework for several years now, and after some hesitation, I started to love the framework. However, setting up a new project was always a pain until Spring Boot came around the corner. In this book, we'll build a microservice and learn the framework alongside coding a real application in it.


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Spring Boot and Single-Page Applications

In this book, I am covering how to integrate a microservice with a single-page application securely. We are exploring 4 standard integration scenarios.

The example is based on the microservice we created in my other Spring Boot book, and the single-page application is written in Angular 4 with Typescript.


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Spring Boot Intermediate Microservices

In this book, we will access the sample microservice from the first book from another Spring Boot application and explore common usage and connection patterns.

We'll access the API with a regular RestTemplate and improve it in several steps to a full-fledged version with client side load balancing, retries with a circuit breaker, service registry, a gateway and store the configuration of each service in a central config server.


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Minimalism Sucks

I've been on my minimalism journey for a few years now. Fortunately, my wife joined in, and we can embrace it as a family of three. This book covers my take on it and how it works in a dogma-free way. You don't need to abandon modern life, and you don't need to follow the zealots on YouTube.


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