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Spring Boot

I've been working with the Spring Framework for several years now, and after some hesitation, I started to love the framework. However, setting up a new project was always a pain until Spring Boot came around the corner. In this book, we'll build a microservice and learn the framework alongside coding a real application in it.


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Spring Boot and Single-Page Applications

In this book, I am covering how to integrate a microservice with a single-page application securely. We are exploring 4 standard integration scenarios.

The example is based on the microservice we created in my other Spring Boot book, and the single-page application is written in Angular 4 with Typescript.


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Minimalism Sucks

I've been on my minimalism journey for a few years now. Fortunately, my wife joined in, and we can embrace it as a family of three. This book covers my take on it and how it works in a dogma-free way. You don't need to abandon modern life, and you don't need to follow the zealots on YouTube.


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