pySVG - 0.2.1

Last Update: 12.10.2010. By kerim in pysvg | python

I just updated pySVG to 0.2.1.

Changes as far as I remember:

  • switched to BSD as license for the moment. Will see how that turns out.
  • added **kwargs to make life a bit easier when instantiating objects
  • added dropshadows (contributed by Bastian)
  • added patterns
  • added turtle graphics
  • added clip element
  • added use element
  • added some methods to get size/edge points or move an element (depends on element)
  • implemented feMergeNode subclassing
  • added filterprimitiveswithin
  • setfilter had wrong parameter
  • corrected intendation
  • documentation corrected

Go and grab it either as zip directly or take a look at the current repository.

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