Resource Tip: Textual, a web design framework focusing on text

Last Update: 23.12.2007. By azarai in gui | resource tip

If your a bit like me, your really appreciate open source web design and know probably some of the good template sites out there too. Yesterday i was browsing some of them, The Open Design Community, to name the best imho. Looking for ideas and complete templates for some upcoming projects and a site redesign for imago. I found some good, but not actually what i was looking for until i stumpled up on Textual.

Textual, what is it?

Textual isn’t a just a template, it’s a css framework, an easy and simple one with a focus on text. And it really is. I’ve seen other frameworks out there and most are way to complicated. Textual isn’t.

It’s strict XHTML 1.1 too, a great plus. The css is splitted in 4 files, covering different aspects (core layout, text, print and one for the rest) and provides some standard layout options, e.g. container classes for typical width from 5 to 100% and the same for columns. Resize behaviour is fine and the text keeps readable! Go and check it out. A live view is better than me bubbling here :-)

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