Review: Picoplog - A php Photoblog

Last Update: 18.05.2008. By azarai in imago | resource tip | review

Lately i got the idea of running a photoblog and was searching for an easy and simple solution with no complicated setup and a strong focus on the photo itself. And even to my own surprise i did find a great one, Picoplog.

But lets see what they say about themself:

Picoplog is a minimalistic photoblogging tool. Picoplog’s major strength is its simplicity: posting a photo is done by just uploading it to your web space.

And yes, i think they are right. It’s simple, needs no database, installs and runs with no hassles and also includes a simple uploader tool. The only bad thing is it’s written in php, not python, but i can live with that :-)

I didn’t test all the features as i am a purist in image presentation anyways, but what i used did work smoothly. Especially i like the way of uploading images and the uploader app they provide. Too bad the drag’n’drop in the uploader app didn’t work really. I could drap’n’drop my image, but it didn’t show up in the preview, neither could be uploaded. The same via “file open” did work perfectly. It’s just in the supporting app, so its fine with me. Such things can happen.

Next step i took, was creating an own theme. And of course i’d like to integrate imago. Imago Theme for picoplog was born. The theme making was straight forward and not much more work then putting some php files in a folder and tell picoplog once which theme to use. Actually i fought more with php itself then figuring out how to write the theme.

Definitely worth a recommendation. Go check it out yourself and if you like the imago-picoplog combo, you can download my imago picoplog skin as zip file.

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