Game Development Resources - Part 4: 2d Content

08.03.2017 by Jens in game-development | resource-tip

I haven't done any game development for a long time. However, I still stumble regularly upon great resources for game graphics; free and paid. So, I decided to curate a collection here on my blog.

  • OpenGameArt free or open source - mixed quality but you c

List of 2D Map Editors

09.01.2010 by azarai in game-development | python

From time to time i stumble across map editors for 2D games, sometimes useable, sometimes just demos and of course the occasional jewel. I finally decided to maintain a list post of my findings.

  • GLEED2D Non tilebased map editor; Win only, requires XNA 3.

Effect Animation with Pyglet next round

17.10.2009 by azarai in game-development | pyglet | python

I did enhance my little effect animation demo and added a little utility that will make life much easier for converting LexusX particle animations to real transparent pngs too.


w : switch background to white
b : switch background to black

Rendering particles in realtime with py-lepton

24.09.2009 by azarai in game-development | pyglet | python

Last time i made a small demo using prerendered particle effects. Today i'll show another way of doing particle effects with python and pyglet. Instead of animating prerendered graphics i am going to use a particle system to create effects in realtime. Th

Effect Animation with Pyglet

20.09.2009 by azarai in game-development | pyglet | python

While browsing through deviantart i run across some nice prerendered particle effects. The effects are made for RPG Maker VX and cover mostly some kind of magic spells. Game use is allowed. So we got effect animations, pyglet and some spare time. Let the

2d and 3d game and rendering engines for python

26.08.2008 by azarai in game-development | pygame | python

Thanks to the nice feedback i got for 2D Game Engines for Python i decided to compile a list of 2d and 3d game development possibilities with python i found so far. It might not be complete, but i'll maintain the list from time to time when i find new eng

A new CRPG is born - Milestone 1

12.03.2008 by azarai in game-development | pygame | python

In an earlier post i wrote that i am going to code a simple CRPG with pygame. With an unknown destination, but it will probably be an very interesting way. Yeah i know one should spend a bit more on thinking about the whole game, gameplay and so on, but i

2D Game Engines for Python

01.02.2008 by azarai in game-development | pygame | python

Update: I posted a more extended list of python game and rendering engines.

I was searching for infos on how to do 2D game stuff with python and decided to blog about what i found so far. Maybe it's useful for others :-) Be aware that this is no indeep re


15.01.2008 by axel in game-development | java | tools

Strategic game programming is a fascinating subject, that I have been attracted to for several years now. I always wanted to implement my own chess program but that seemed to complicated for the beginning. Therefore I started with Reversi and a simple m

A short visit of PyGame

31.05.2007 by kerim in game-development | pygame | python

Ok, its play time again.
Since Azarai already told you about our newly awakened interest in 3D programming and since he already made some posts about engines, textures, terrain editors etc. I thought i gave you a small intro into something totally differe