I coach your team with Spring so your Senior Dev can work on business deliverables again.

“Training on the job” has its price and risks and I help you mitigating the risks so your team can deliver.

The most senior dev for a tech is always teaching the other team members and thus will not be able to ship production code.

When you are the senior Spring guy on your team, you will be busy teaching the other members. However, at the same time, your boss expects you to still deliver results at the same pace as without the teaching duty. So, now you should architecture, design and code your regular part and also teach the rest without slowing down your pace. Deadlines have to be met.

It’s a road to frustration and missed deadlines (or worse) for all involved parties. Training on the job has hidden costs and risks many seem not to be aware of.

  • The developer with the teaching role cannot ship production code fulltime anymore. Depending on your team, it can go down to half-time or even lower that he will be able to produce any shipping results.
  • The senior dev could work day and night but eventually will burn out. Or, he’s just fed up and leaves. Have fun replacing him. How long did it take to get him in the first place?
  • Cutting the teaching will slow down the progress to actually deliver something. Now the other team members move forward by try and error alone. This takes time and can produce bugs which had been avoidable.

You could mitigate the risks by hiring someone with helping out in architecture, design or training your team with Spring. Although, we all know how hard and expensive it is to find someone with this knowledge and hire him as an employee. Your fixed costs will skyrocket, and your current senior will get the angst of being replaced. You could go for a consultant, but chances are high you will either get a junior dev, someone who can’t teach well, or they are too expensive or not interested at all. However, there is another way, and I can help you out of this dilemma.

I coach your team on a month to month basis in their particular context, problems, etc. so they get more productive. At the same time, we free up your senior dev so he can focus on his other duties. All without the risks and fixed costs of hiring an employee or the pain of an external consultant.

How does it work?

At the start, we will do an assessment of your goal, dev team, and individual team members and determine together what brings you the most benefits now and mid-term.

Then, we will work toward your goal by mixing training sessions to build up hard skills, coaching to help your devs to improve on their own, and all that based on the actual applications you build.

If it does not bring us closer to your goal, we leave it out.

We’ll have weekly or bi-weekly meetings by phone or video conference. When you are located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, we can even meet in person at your office. In between meetings, you have unlimited access to me by email.

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Note: This is not a “developer-for-hire” arrangement. I provide code samples and design sketches as needed, but authoring shipping code, designs, and documentation is beyond the scope of the retainer.