Clean Up Your HDD (HDDCleaner preliminary final version)

Last Update: 27.12.2006. By kerim in hddcleaner | python

This will be my “preliminary final” version of HDDCleaner.

Over the last few days i tried to implement some new functionality into it and finally realized that the outcome wouldnt fit to the original purpose of the program. So i picked the version from last week and added all features that i actually use or see as “making sense to have”.

I consider this little program to be what i needed. No further additions planned at the moment.

There are no changes in the GUI. It looks the same.
But i added now some command line options.
Just type -h to get them.

Usage: [options] Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -m MINSIZE specify the minmial filesize to include in the list -M MAXSIZE specify the maximal filesize to include in the list -p PATTERNS commaseperated list of filetypes to filter for (e.g.:*.xml,*.fml) -f FOLDER specify which folder or drive to scan -n do not show a GUI -o STORE if without GUI you may optionally specify a file to store the results in (result.txt=default)

I also included a version using innosetup. It will install everything for you, but you might want to create further shortcuts with the command line parameters.

If there are any wishes for features you should mail me. Otherwise at least for the moment there is not much more to do (at least i don’t need much more)
The changes i made (and didnt incorporate into HDDCleaner) will make a new little program called PDiskReport.
More about that later.

Anyway ....
Here are the cleaned up sources, here the Windows Exe and finally a Windows zip.

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