Feeds, python and the creation of tool II - Release 0.1

Last Update: 12.12.2006. By azarai in python | spreadshirt

As announced earlier i am releasing the source code of the SpreadProductXHMTLProducer tool. You can download it here

I like nice landscape postcards, so i release it under the following licence:
Send me a postcard to the address in the imprint, then you can use it under BSD license, otherwise its just freeware and no modifications are allowed! :-)

Next features?
Right now i decided to add a possibility to select some product and generate out of the selection the teaser. Second is to add a “xhtml source view” of the products directly in the page, so you dont need to view the source in the browser. Not sure when i will get the time to implement the 2 thing, but probably around x-mas.

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