SpreadProductXHMTLProducer using Webservice now

Last Update: 20.01.2007. By azarai in python | spreadshirt

I dropped the rss feed usage finally and switched to the webservice spreadshirt is offering. For an introduction on using it with python and SOAPPy see my earlier post.

Also new functionality?
Yep, it creates now teasers for your designs. Test it in the online version.

Whats next?
error handling: right now theres really none :-)
teasers for producttypes: not sure yet how to display
better navigation

The source?
When i’ve implemented the error checking, i’ll release the source.

I’ve been thinking about a marktplace site for spreadshops/designs. Its not more then a thought right now. Maybe you got the same idea or even more? Tell me what you think.

Comments and suggestions are as always welcome. If you need any help with the spreadshirt webservice you can ask me too.

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