Bullshit-free training for building applications with the Spring Boot and the Spring Framework.

I’ll help small dev teams getting started with Spring and guide them on architecture and design to avoid disastrous pitfalls.

Choosing the wrong tech or a lousy architecture can quickly turn your dream product or job into a nightmare. I’ve seen it happen way too often. It is usually a mix of inexperienced devs and product owners and horrible communication between all parties.

But it must not be like that, and I am on a mission to change that.

I love to combine technology and business for a higher purpose. Being a rare dev, who can talk with devs and non-devs alike on equal footing. Been building complex systems for small to enterprise companies for almost two decades now. Published three books on Spring Boot so far too.

Get in touch and tell me what pains are bothering you right now.

Jens Boje

The domain has a long history, and there might be a couple of odds to the new focus :-)


Jens started the first version of codeboje somewhere in 2004 as a wiki for common developing tasks faced day in and day out at work. His goal was to provide a resource for developers he has worked with. Unfortunately, none of them wanted to join, so it eventually became a private wiki.

Sometime in 2007 it was revived as a fun project by two experienced Java guys who still enjoy coding in their spare time and exploring new things outside of the work related field. We explored Python, game development, algorithms, tools and more.

After a break, I am back and refocussed.


Founder, owner, and currently the only writer. He loves dabbling with code and exploring new terrains; be it code, ways to build better teams and software or personal development. As a longtime Java guy, he helped companies in becoming better at making software (with a focus on APIs) in the role of a software architect. He moved from employee to building his own business with the goal of providing a no-bullshit experience.


Started the blog together with Jens and is a long time partner and writer. He developed pySVG and in his day job he’s now doing IT management and Cloud Consulting in a three-letter company.