An observation

Last Update: 19.06.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

This morning I was in a meeting of the project from stone age to talk about the proof of concept app we did. 6 people, including me, with a total of 4 different companies (or self-employed). And at least 4 different pairs of glasses on. That’s a hell of a lot of opinions and intentions. And blind spots.

The UX guy was too focused on UX testing and despite knowing any audience details, approached the topic just from the angle of making the user think less. The UI guy was essentially the same but with a bit more focus on the design aspects. The client, his department pay the bills, liked to get a second tech prototype to proof his colleagues wrong or right, depending on your point of view. The dev guy, that’s me, felt out of his own peer group and asked about customers instead of talking about tech stuff. The funny thing is, no one did know the exact audiences of the client’s corporation. No one. They did not know how their customers look for them, on the product lines, how they buy or just leave the website. Nothing, all we got were assumptions and always those which benefited the current speaker’s opinion.

It is not only devs who want to solve everything with their hammer. other professions have the same problem. And all miss the actual guys who pay - the customers.

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