Another problem they were facing

Last Update: 06.06.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

  and you should be aware of. Yes, you. It is one we all have committed.

Building a production system with a deadline in a tech stack almost nobody on the team knows. Just because, one little dev guy wanted to use it.

In the case of my client, it was Spring Boot. Sure, it is a good choice :-), nonetheless, only one external guy had working experience with it. Two other dev picked it quickly up but they also had devs who were not that good and fast. For various reasons, I might write about that in another email. They were aware of that risk.

Anyways, overall they did do a great job. Shit like that can happen, but you should be aware of having such risks. And it is a risk of having only one guy in the team who knows the chosen tech stack. It definitely is. What happens if the guy gets sick? Or injured? Does he even have time to implement features or is he blocked full-day for training the rest of the team?

If the whole team know that, they can decide on how to handle the risk. But if nobody knows, that you coded a part in Go while the rest is using Java…

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