Should I learn Spring or Spring Boot?

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There is a lot of confusion about Spring Boot and its relationship to the Spring Framework. Some of that leads to questions like “Should I learn Spring Boot rather than the Spring Framework” or “Do I need to know Spring before I can start with Spring Boot?”. Let’s clarify that for you.

Getting Started with Caching in Spring Boot Applications

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One of the features of the Spring Framework is a cache you can transparently add to your code. All you need to do is set an annotation on a method you want to cache and configure the caching mechanism itself. Setting up the cache wasn’t a big deal before, and with Spring Boot it got even more straightforward. Let’s dive into it with an example.

Getting Started with Spring Session

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In this tutorial, we are going to look at Spring Session and build two applications which share the session in Redis.


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Human communication is complex. It is also way more than just words. Most of our interaction runs on a subconscious level; facial expression, gesture, posture, sound, etc. And the other human interprets that in combination with the words you talk. However, communication also happens without words. Think of Charly Chaplin movies.

How do you...

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How do you see management?

Re: How management sees you

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Reader Sunil wrote to me regarding yesterday’s email that he loves coding and does not want to do anything else and if that is ok?!!

How management sees you

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Was in a long meeting today helping a customer pitching a project proposal to their customer and once again, I made an observation I’d like to share with you.

Learning Process: 6. Teach

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For a long time, my process was only 5 steps long. Yep, exactly the five we covered so far. But over time I noticed that I was slightly off with that assumption. I actually did a sixth step. One I almost never noticed. I wrote or talked about it to fellow devs, which is a form of teaching.

Learning Process: 5. Repeat

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Repetition is the next essential step. It can either be based on the scope or a sub-scope. What I’ll do in this step is to try to build the same app again but without looking up stuff in the resources. It will not work in the first round though. Probably not even in a second. I usually take as many rounds as I need until I feel comfortable enough with the topic.

Learning Process: 4. Do

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After we set our reason and scope, researched the topic aka gathered resource, we are ready to dive into the Doing step.