Is Spring Boot for Microservices only?

12.07.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot

Last week I was chatting with a friend and he told me how lucky he is that a part of their system moved to using Spring Boot. It made his life easier with development and testing. He actually loved writing tests now. However, one of his colleagues did question the decision to go with Spring Boot because Spring Boot is meant to be used with Docker and for microservices only. I was baffled but it seems there’s a lot of confusion what Spring Boot actually is and when to use it. This article does shed some light on it.

How Minimalism can Help You to Bootstrap Your Own Business

28.06.2017 by Jens in Developers Life | Learning

It’s been now a few months that I quit my job and went on doing my own business. It’s tough so and totally different than being an employee. But, that’s not the topic for today. Today, I’ll show you what helped me the most with starting and going on my journey.

Deploying a Spring Boot Application to Heroku

27.06.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot

This post is the second part of a series of how to deploy a Spring Boot application to the cloud. We’ll deploy to Heroku today.

Deploying a Spring Boot Application to IBM Bluemix

19.06.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot

This post is the first part of a series of how to deploy a Spring Boot application to the cloud. We’ll start with IBM Bluemix.

Detecting a Mobile Device with Spring Boot

15.06.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot | Spring MVC

Detecting mobiles is straight forward with Spring Boot when you know there’s a secret module that does the heavy lifting: Spring Mobile.

3 Learning Mistakes Developers Make

14.06.2017 by Jens in Developers Life | Learning

Learning can be fun or hard or maybe both. For me, it’s often a mix of both. I developed my own learning style over many, many years. It usually works well for me and I pick up new topics, be it a new programming paradigm, language or business stuff, pretty straight forward. However, when I tried to learn some basic Japanese last year, I forgot everything and made some common mistakes again.

Should I learn Spring or Spring Boot is the Wrong Question

01.06.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot | Learning | Developers Life

There exists a lot of confusion about Spring Boot and its relationship to the Spring Framework. Some of that lead to questions like “Should I learn Spring Boot rather than the Spring Framework” or “Do I need to know Spring before I can start with Spring Boot?”.

How to Create Your Own Starter for Spring Boot

24.05.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot

Spring Boot provides a good set of starters for the popular open source frameworks used in modern Spring applications. However, it is not limited to that, and we are not at the mercy of the Spring Boot gods. We can create our own starters.

Uploading a File(s) with Spring MVC and Spring Boot

23.05.2017 by Jens in Spring Boot | Spring MVC

Uploading a file with Spring MVC is pretty easy, and it gets even easier when running in Spring Boot. However, it’s one of the tasks a developer does once in a while and therefore is pretty easy to forget. The page is a reminder for all of us.

This Problem with PySide, Py2App and Brew drove me Nuts

23.05.2017 by Jens in python | pyside

I build several desktop applications using PySide. It works like a charm on Windows. However, I found a nasty bug in the Mac version which I could not reproduce on my local machine. This one drove me nuts. It was hard to analyze, I own just one Mac and do not have access to another machine. Luckily, with the help of some very long googling (guessing symptoms) and the help of a user of one of my applications, I could fix the issue. As a reminder for myself and help for you, I document it.