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Thank you to all for those who have given me feedback. I appreciate it and will use it :-)

RE: Consequences of designing software

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When I think about those consequences, I always come back to one question:

Consequences of designing software

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The next article is about a new software system for medical clinics and how it changed the work of different kind of users like doctors, assistants and biz administrators. It is a prime example of the unintentional consequences a new software has on people. It is a long read though.

Distrust at work?

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I read some interesting articles over the weekend and I am going to share them with you. Todays’ is about trust or better distrust at work and how projects are set up for distrust, which makes working together towards a single goal difficult.

RE: RE: Why are legacy apps be forgotten?

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Let’s see if I can finish my thoughts on this today. I am bit distracted, so bear with me.

RE: Why are legacy apps be forgotten?

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Following up on yesterdays email. The difference between the perception of material and immaterial goods is not the only reason why legacy apps are forgotten. Another one is the economic value and the way our modern world thinks about it.

Why are legacy apps be forgotten?

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Legacy apps are the bane of developers. Many have to work on one, nobody loves them. But why do they grow to such a pain?

A huge problem of legacy apps

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I know legacy apps cause many issues. Nobody really wants to work on one. The funny thing is, most of them are already the legacy problems roughly a half year after the first release. At least in my experience. Anyways, one of the problems can become a nightmare after a few years.

Write your assumptions down

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Keep a list of your assumption during development. After all, we’ll probably never ever answer all of our assumptions before we develop anything.


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Assumptions are everywhere.