Added Add This! and Mister Wong to serendipity_event_findmore plugin

Last Update: 05.12.2006. By azarai in tools

As posted in the s9y forum i added the Add This! service and the german social bookmarking service mister wong to the serendipity_event_findmore plugin. The source can be found here

Clean Up Your HDD (Start)

Last Update: 05.12.2006. By kerim in hddcleaner | python

As mentioned here i will implement a small program sorting the files of any given list of directories according to size, present that visually and offer you a button to delete selected files.

Drives and python

Last Update: 04.12.2006. By kerim in python

How would you scan all drives for files ? Any unix system has an advantage here .... it starts with “". We simply don’t care for drives there. But what do you do if you have windows ?

Feeds and python II

Last Update: 28.11.2006. By azarai in python | snipplet

i’ve got some time to continue my python and feed example

Script Jamendo Torrent to my Music collection structure

Last Update: 24.11.2006. By azarai in python

The python script i posted at the Jamendo forum can be found here :

Feeds and Java

Last Update: 18.11.2006. By azarai in java

my contribution at now here:

Feeds and tools to read them

Last Update: 16.11.2006. By azarai in python

I guess everyone knows these wonderful feeds and the most used standards atom and rss. Reading them is nowadays really simple, cuz we don’t need to concentrate on parsing. There are a lot of libs for reading feed in, i guess, almost all languages. Maybe not asm, but who knows :-)