From Dev to Consultant?

Last Update: 24.10.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

It is more than just renaming your label from Software Developer to Software Consultant. The latter is just a better sounding label. Here is a great read on it.

Know what you want

Last Update: 22.10.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Know what you want out of your life and career. It makes your decision making a lot easier. And your life simpler.

Are we too nerdy?

Last Update: 19.10.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

I’ve been thinking about some business stuff for the last days and it hit me that some part in me is still thinking too much about tools. That’s neither bad nor good. It depends on your goals. Yours and mine might differ. I share my thoughts anyway.

Care for ...

Last Update: 18.10.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Care for the business of your employer or clients. It will be a good investment for you.

That was only the tip of the iceberg... KISS!

Last Update: 16.10.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

This unnecessary server and cronjob of yesterdays mail was only the tip of the iceberg. It got worse as I had to run the scripts manually to trigger an import.

More means more can break

Last Update: 15.10.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

I know our society and also our dev world loves more. More CPU, more RAM, more Services, more Layers, more X. But that more is not always good. Maybe we can even argue if it is good at all, but not in today’s mail.

RE: Serverless with Spring Boot?

Last Update: 12.10.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Reader Onno chimed in and reminded me that there is also Spring Cloud Function which aims helping with serverless the Spring way. Maybe it works, maybe not. I haven’t used it.

Serverless with Spring Boot?

Last Update: 11.10.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Yes, it is doable.

Going serverless?

Last Update: 10.10.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Serverless is one of the recent hypes on the block. Is it good? Is it bad?

RE: Trust

Last Update: 09.10.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Ah, this interview I talked about yesterday is still on my mind. Fascinating what you can learn by just listening to people and asking a few questions. Anyways, I am going to bend the subject line a bit.