Why believing in yourself is essential for better money

Last Update: 18.09.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Doesn’t matter if salary, rates or you start to sell some products. If you don’t believe in yourself and that whatever you sell is worth the price you are asking for it, it will not work.

Keep methods short

Last Update: 14.09.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

I am working on the project from the stone-age again and some devs definitely had a knack for writing long methods. Very loooooooong methods.
The longest one I was analyzing yesterday was roughly 4 or 5 screen heights long (laptop) with lots of conditions and loops. It was hard to follow and I lost several times where I was in the logic.

Change how you look at problems

Last Update: 13.09.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Problems look differently depending on where you stand. And if you only look from one, you might miss a good solution to it. Or maybe even miss that what looked like a problem is no problem at all. And the closer you are to the problem, the harder it gets to see something else or from a different angle. It’s human. We devs are no exception.

RE: About what do you care?

Last Update: 10.09.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Apparently, no one cares.

Do you care?

Last Update: 07.09.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Do you care?

Re: How not to find clients

Last Update: 05.09.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Zero answers so far. I bet you can do better.

There is a world beyond code

Last Update: 03.09.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

There is, indead.

Clarity is Power

Last Update: 31.08.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Clarity is Power!

The joy of tiny mistakes with big effects

Last Update: 29.08.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

I was in the progress of writing today’s tutorial and stumbled upon a stupid little mistake I made in the Kanban API we run at the beginning of this year. So, instead of the tutorial, you’ll get that.

Parsing Arguments in Commandline Applications with Spring Boot

Last Update: 28.08.2018. By Jens in Spring Boot

In Commandline Applications with Spring Boot we also implemented a command line app using the CommandLineRunner interface provided by Spring. However, argument/options/parameter handling is not that good with it. Luckily, there is an even better method of writing a command line app with Spring Boot and also have good options parsing with the ApplicationRunner interface.