Change is Inevitable - Do you Adapt or Go Extinct?

Last Update: 06.11.2017. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning

I recently stumbled upon a cartoon which made that really visually - it is a bit harsh but pretty accurate.

leaves change

So, let that sink in for a moment.

And then ask yourself a question:

Are you a leaf or this poor guy?

I believe change is inevitable in nature. It is unavoidable for us humans. In nature one either adapts or goes extinct. We, humans, either change and improve our life or we transform into a dumb couch sloth who’s incapable of fixing his or her own life.

I’ve been seeing the same for years at work. Fellow devs stopping to hone their skills and adapt to a changing environment. They stick to what they know and sometimes even block requirements and work because they don’t want to learn something new. Or they plainly hate it, like Javascript, and refuse to write a single line with it. Their refusal to learn is so high that I sometimes thought they would rather die than to change.

However, such a change-resistance is so alien to me to the degree that I can’t even comprehend it. Why wouldn’t you want to change yourself for getting a better version of yourself? Why wouldn’t you learn new skills?

For me, it is the opposite. If you stop learning new skills, be it technical or personal development, you will go extinct; probably sooner than later. It doesn’t matter if you physically die or just your brain.

Stay alive and pick up a pocket guide or go over to Self Authoring to define who you are and want to be.

Cartoon by jakelikesonions - go check out his others.

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