Do we need to have a vision?

Last Update: 04.07.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

I was hosting a meetup yesterday and an interesting discussion came up about the lack of vision at German companies. In this particular case, we were mainly talking about hosting companies. They almost all missed the move to the cloud. Sure, they can offer a tiny bit of it and call it cloud hosting. But essentially, they lack know-how and humans. Now they are still standing on the rail platform and see the cloud train on the horizon. Wondering, if they should have taken the train.

Will they follow anyways?

Who knows.

Will they die?

Who knows.

However, I notice one thing and I doubt it’s German only, that a lot of companies lack a vision. A vision what they want to archive. What they want to make better in the world. Without a vision, you are afraid of taking risks. Everything seems to be high-risk when your sole purpose is keeping the status quo. Currently, many of those vision lacking companies here are in the fear state. After laughter and shock, they are panicking doomsday is coming… and, of course, are trying to keep the horsemen of the apocalypse at bay with lobbying new legislation (should hire a cartoonist to draw that).

Lack of a vision is bad.

For companies, but for individuals too.

Do you have a vision?

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