From Dev to Consultant?

Last Update: 24.10.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

It is more than just renaming your label from Software Developer to Software Consultant. The latter is just a better sounding label. Here is a great read on it.

I worked in a “consultancy” for almost nine years. They did not consult, it was a body leasing shop. A customer wants someone with tech X and they tried to fulfill that. Of course, working fulltime at the customers’ office. Together with all the other “consultants” from other body shops - oops - consultancies. They all labeled their IT staff, be it dev, operations or support, as consultants. With the hope of better rates…

However, customers are not stupid, they know that, so it is now part of the game. They don’t want you to consult nor do they expect it. You are hired for producing code or designing the app,
The technical side. The thinking is done by others.

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