Pocket Guides

Pocket guides are step-by-step training guides to help you grow as a developer. They’re short, focused and for beginners.


Individual Guides

  1. Build your first Microservice with Spring Boot Get started with Spring Boot and learn how to build your first microservice with it whle learning the basics of Spring Core too.
  2. Secure your Microservice Learn how to secure your microservice and integrate it with a single-page application written in Angular.
  3. Intermediate Microservices with Spring Boot Learn how to make our microservice reliable by using standard strategies and patterns of the microservice architecture.
  4. Get Started with Kotlin and Spring Boot Learn the fundamentals of Kotlin and Spring Boot at the same time. We start with an introduction to Kotlin and develop an microservice with Spring Boot and Kotlin.
  5. Get Started with OAuth and Spring Boot Learn standard ways of using Oauth in your Spring Boot applications