How to build a shop

Last Update: 18.06.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

a shop. Not one of those biggies with Magento, Shopify or whatever is in today. No, we build one using spreadsheets, of course. You guys wanted to build more tutorial apps and have some spreadsheet fun. So, here we go.

I am not sure if I’ll code along due time-commitments. Nonetheless, it is a superb opportunity to practice software design and also how it influences business.

For a shop, we usually need the following base functionalities: * A way to show and store our products * A shopping cart with order processing * Handling payments * a way to ship the goods with probably a tracking system of some kind Furthermore, I assume we build it for the small guy with maybe 10 to 20 items to sell. So, let’s say a friend comes to you for building a small online shop so she can sell her self-made hot pepper sauces (yummy, I’d volunteer for testing :-) ).

What would you ask her? How would you approach the problem?

Just build something and here you go? Would you start asking her technical questions like if PHP or Angular is fine?

Or would you start asking about the business problem she is facing?

Tell me. I am waiting for your answers.

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