Learning Process: 4. Do

Last Update: 11.02.2019. By Jens in Newsletter

After we set our reason and scope, researched the topic aka gathered resource, we are ready to dive into the Doing step.

I’ll take the first scope and try to implement it using the resources I found before. If I realize I might have missed a thing, I’ll just google it up on the go. When the thing is working somehow aka I made it, I usually take some time and go over it and check if I understand what each line is actually doing. If I don’t I’ll look it up.

What I also do in this step is playing around a bit. I change variables here or method calls there, try to solve it with a different solution and so on. It helps me to deepen my understanding of how X works or behaves. However, I skip this step if time is tight or it is just a one.time-shot. For example, I skipped it with the Swift app.

What I don’t do in this step in thriving for perfection. Whatever I build might be shitty at first but that is fine. It is for learning. Once you understand the topic better, you can always go back and thrive for perfection if that is your thing. Personally, I adhere more to the 80/20-Principle (Pareto).


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