Learning Process: 5. Repeat

Last Update: 12.02.2019. By Jens in Newsletter

Repetition is the next essential step. It can either be based on the scope or a sub-scope. What I’ll do in this step is to try to build the same app again but without looking up stuff in the resources. It will not work in the first round though. Probably not even in a second. I usually take as many rounds as I need until I feel comfortable enough with the topic.

Repetition is essential to keep new knowledge or skill in memory. I recommend it to all my students, whether in-class, online and even in the books. Go ahead and build the same thing a couple of times, i.e. build the same simple CRUD API from the books a couple of times until you almost did it without thinking much or looking something up. It might take a while but that is fine. Doesn’t matter if you built it 2 times or 6 times.

If you do not use a skill, you will lose it fast. That’s why traditional training can be a waste of time when you don’t apply what ou learning directly afterward in your day to day work. The only way to prevent that is to do the repetition step on your own and solidify the skill.

However, if it is a one-time shot, you can skip this step. I didn’t do it for the Swift stuff for example. But I do if it is an important skill.


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