Learning Process: 6. Teach

Last Update: 13.02.2019. By Jens in Newsletter

For a long time, my process was only 5 steps long. Yep, exactly the five we covered so far. But over time I noticed that I was slightly off with that assumption. I actually did a sixth step. One I almost never noticed. I wrote or talked about it to fellow devs, which is a form of teaching.

It was also those moments where I realized that it is a crucial part. If I could not explain it to someone else, how could I assume I did even understand it myself?

When people think of teaching they also always think of school like teaching or workshops and alike. Nope. Even explaining what you just learned to a fellow dev is teaching. I fact, I think it is sometimes even better than someone talking from the front.

In case, the devs around you are not interested or you are too shy, write a blog post about it. Share it in a way others can learn from it. They can’t learn if it is rotting on your hard drive or brain. Besides helping others, teaching has the cool effect that you double check if you actually understood the new topic. It will show you where you have gaps.

Just share it. It must no be perfect, imperfection is fine.


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