Mindful coding?

Last Update: 10.12.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Mindful coding? Are you serious? Yep, fear not. It’s no esoteric bullshit.

I was off to a mindfulness coaching training a week ago and it still fascinates me what our brain does all day long. Like playing bullshit with us. If you ever tried meditation you know how hard it is to not think anything for even a few seconds. Yep, endless thoughts day-in-day-out. Not all are good, many are just distraction. Anyways, while learning new stuff, I wondered how we could apply those principles to coding and working in teams. Today, I made some time to write my thoughts down and you can read them here.

Besides that, you will hear less from me for the rest of the year. Have to focus on another thing, so it’s a planned downtime. Enjoy the X-max time whether you celebrate it or not. See ya.


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