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Last Update: 30.07.2013. By azarai in python

Our site did run with a self written blog with django for quite some time. It worked fine, but Kerim was annoyed with writing markdown in an online editor and i wasn’t satisfied with it as well. In addition i was bothered by the dynamic website buidling way. For an almost static page theres no need to build it on every request. System resources i could use for other stuff. So the idea was born to switch to a static site generator. I already did write one earlier for the Imago site and as there weren’t that much at that time available and did, what every developer does, run its own :-)

It should be for generic sites, not only blogs and i wanted a gui editor which runs on my local machine and can be used by non developers. And i’d liked to have it coupled with some kind of repository and automatic build process. Much of it was done a few days later and i switched the blog, but life came back and the project got on hold. Until now. Luckily i got interested in ebook creation, specially epub, and thought that my editor could handle that very well. Refreshed i started coding again and am now in a state that i’d publish some screenshots.

Moopato Writer blog entry

Moopato Writer blog preview

The Editor includes editing (of course), single content previews and builds the whole site or epub and save it locally. The resulting site can than be uploaded to any static webhosting.

More will follow, so stay tuned :-)

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