Passion about unit testing is worthless

Last Update: 16.07.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

I’m having a problem with this passion word and thing for a long time. Passion is bullshit. I read it again a few minutes earlier where a fellow dev proudly states he’s passionate about unit testing. Yeah, I am passionate about hammers too. And chainsaws. Especially last Friday (13th).

So, what?

Does this make me good at solving problems? All I want to do is chainsawing or hammering or unit testing. Because it is my passion I want to do it all day long.

Maybe I am good at chainsawing, maybe not. Doesn’t matter, I love it.

Sometimes I can even solve a problem with it and cut a tree.

Unfortunately, the guys I cut trees for, don’t appreciate my chainsaw passion. Sure, I get money for it. But why don’t they realize, their world would be a much better place if anyone chainsaws like me. Sharing this passion. To change the world, we wrote the Chainsaw Manifesto.

So, every service should read it and follow the Chainsaw manifesto. It helps to build tables too.

Now we create a new chainsawing project management method and everyone switches from hammering to chainsawing because…

Passion is one of those bullshit words nowadays. I am allergic to it. More tomorrow, need to sharpen my chainsaw :-)

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