Passion clouds rational

Last Update: 18.07.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

Let’s take the neverending discussion of testing vs no testing.

Honestly, both work.

Depending on the team and context.

But the more passionate the involved devs are, the more rational reasoning is clouded. Which is important when deciding such things. One thing which gets overlooked because it is not in the testing passion is fault recovery.

Yep, mistakes will happen. At any point. No matter how many tests you got. But how fast can you recover from that?

Minutes? Hours? Days? Or even weeks?

Interestingly, it’s often a second or even third thought. If at all. Many project teams I joined, never thought about that, discussions only circled around testing or not and how. This leads to components with super unit testing, yet they failed in unexpected real-life work; like, yeah, who thought a remote server could be offline for whatever reason, anytime, hmm. Now, fault recovery steps in…

Mistakes happen. All. The. Time.

Don’t let your testing passion blind you from seeing other solutions.

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