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Last Update: 09.10.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Ah, this interview I talked about yesterday is still on my mind. Fascinating what you can learn by just listening to people and asking a few questions. Anyways, I am going to bend the subject line a bit.

One of the things he told me was that they hired someone for business development before and that this was a total failure. It did not fit at all. The biz dev guy was too used to work in an enterprise environment that he could not adapt to working at a small company. Yep, in an enterprise world, you might be able to spend a day on choosing a color for a screen but not in a small company… There is a large gap but that’s for another time.

Coming back to trust now.

Trust was a major issue why that went wrong for them.

They trusted in the guy because he worked for some well-known enterprise before.

They trusted that the work there was the same as in their company.

In the end, they put their trust wrong. Shit happens.

Trust is the main thing going on in an interview process. What they are looking for is enough confidence to trust you. To trust you that you can deliver, are a good company fit and not screw up on your first days.

No matter what stupid tests they throw at you, they are looking for confidence to trust you enough. Nothing more, nothing less.

How can you deliver that trust?

Think about it.

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