Pen & paper are still the best design tools

Make it even better with our Sketchpads!
no dead batteries, works offline, privacy baked in

Design iOS UIs

size of the XS phone - A5 sized paper, 120 g/m² Offsetpaper, 25 sheets

Design Desktop Browser UIs

A5 sized paper, 120 g/m² Offsetpaper, 25 sheets

Design Android UIs

size of an S9 - A5 sized paper, 120 g/m² Offsetpaper, 25 sheets


Nothing is better than a pen and our sketchpads. All sketchpads are A5 sized with heavy quality paper (125 gsm) and have 25 sheets.

No Empty Batteries

No electricity, no worries. You won’t need to charge another tool.

It is ready. All. The. Time.


Totally offline. You don’t even need to be close to wifi. Nope. Nothing.

Plan your apps anywhere at any time.

Put it in your backpack and go for a hike. And when ideas strike, sketch them down in the middle of nowhere.

No Cloud

It is offline, so in case you did not notice it. It is cloudless too — no subscription plan needed for designing your beautiful apps.

It also means, nobody can copy your sketches. Except they steal your backpack. But in case, you at least know they were stolen.

How to get yours?

Exclusivly available via email order at

You get 2 Sketchpads of your choice for 5 Euros incl. German VAT excl. shipping & handling.

Shipping inside Germany is 3 Euro for up to 4 Sketchpads. If you are located elsewhere, request a persoanl shipping quote. Bulk orders are available too.

Want more for your agency?

Bulk offers are, and it is also possible to add your logo. Just contact me.