Spring Security for APIs Essentials Course

Want to secure your Spring Boot based API now?

Then you are at the right place to get started fast without any fluff or artificially bloated material. Learn and use it now and not in a few months.

I probably don’t need to convince you that securing your API is essential nor that the one-stop-solution in a Spring-based API is Spring Security.

Spring Security can solve almost all problems we are facing with Security in an API. But it is one of the most complex modules of the whole Spring ecosystem too. Yet, you do only need a fraction of it to secure your API correctly. But knowing what that fraction is and learning is another thing. Following some outdated, short, not-working tutorials will not help you. It will slow you down in your learning process. Same is when you follow reference compendiums in book or now in video format. They throw all the functionality Spring Security offers at you, and you have to make sense out of it again on how and when to use it. Of course, without creating security issues in your production code…

Man, I learned it myself years ago in the pre-Spring Boot era by following online tutorials and an endless cycle of try and error. Banging my head on the keyboard all day long until it did not hurt anymore. Luckily, without security issues hitting production; found them earlier. If it weren’t for paid customer projects, I’d quit multiple times. It was insanely time-consuming and error-prone. I wasted so much time of my life.

I wish I could go back in time and help my former self with this course as I can help you now.

If you want to. I am not going to persuade you, or tellung you it is the best course since sliced bread or all those marketing bullshit. But if you value your time and do not want to go through similar frustration as I did, my course is your option to go.

Learn the essentials and understand the principles without overwhelming or frustration as fast as possible.

What you will learn

In the course, we will secure a simple Kanban API. Starting from a single user version, we will secure it, enhance it to a multi-user version and protect it in various ways.

  • You will learn what Spring Security is
  • How Spring Security works
  • How to configure it
  • How to protect Spring MVC based endpoints
  • How to authorize users in service-classes and beyond
  • How to use roles, privilege, and authorities
  • How to store password securely
  • How to implement basic user management
  • How to authenticate users using basic auth, forms or tokens like Spring Session, JWT and more
  • How to test your secure API
  • How browser-based apps interact with your API in a safe manner

We focus on APIs here and will not cover security support in server-side templates (e.g. Thymeleaf) at this time.

Spring Security for APIs Essentials Course

  • 7 modules, 21 lessons
  • concise, no-fluff, no bullshit
  • Incl. pocket guide Spring Boot and Single-Page Applications
  • Contains exercises and homework assignments
  • Unlimited updates. Never expires.
  • Access to GitHub repository with the projects code

Course with Mentoring

  • incl. all of the previous PLUS
  • Send Repo/PR for code review and feedback
  • 2 months of email-based mentoring on the course topics. I'll keep you accountable and will make sure the course is delivering for you.
LIMITED to 50 seats in total

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Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you think the course does not deliver value to you, I will issue a refund.

Don't Take My Word For It

Here’s what other developers have said about my work:

In my everyday job I come across dozens of blogs, tutorials, how-to's and books about new exciting technologies. Some are "just-do-this-and-that-and-voilà" style, others are well thought deep exploration of the practices and frameworks, but few of them are well balanced and focused like this book.

Great way to roll your sleeves and start building resilient and robust services.

-- Sergio about Spring Boot Pocket Guide No. 3

I love this book. Just enough info to quickly get to the heart of the matter. I was new to Spring Boot, and this book helped give me perspective. Thank you for writing it.

-- Larry about Spring Boot Pocket Guide No. 1

I hesitated first to learn Spring Boot instead of Spring standalone. Glad I did anyway. Learned a good and easy way to develop an application with rest services and it even covered deployment. Now, I'm having other choices and know how to run a Spring app from scratch. Clearly, recommend it for beginners as it was easy to learn.

-- Benoit about Spring Boot Pocket Guide No. 1

I bought this book because I wanted to learn a simple way of creating API endpoints AND securing them and I was happy to see that this book delivered. Most of the material I've read on this before was either too complex, outdated or simply skipped the security part entirely...

-- Nelson about Spring Boot Pocket Guide No. 1

... This book ... is much easier and fit for someone like me who is just starting out. It’s structured and the author clearly is an expert in the material...

-- Hanete about Spring Boot Pocket Guide No. 1

Didn't know the book (exact) content prior to buying the book like with any other book. Delighted I bought it because it did cover exactly what I wanted. I love the simplicity. Just what you need – nothing else. Great Topics JWT, Spring Boot, example code. Recommend it!

-- Morten about Spring Boot Pocket Guide No. 2

and many more on my Spring Boot training page (In German though).

Still Have Questions?

How long will I get access to the course?

Forever, there is no time limit. The course is outlined to get you started in a couple of days. But you can go in your own pace, there is no limit in accessing the material. However, mentoring in the mentoring package lasts only two months after purchasing the course.

Will I get free updates?

Sure, it is lifetime access, and if I update course material, you'll immediately get the updates for free.

What is the course's format?

The course is text- and code-based and you will literally implement the app along. You learn best by coding.

Do you offer refunds if I don't like it?

The course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you think the course does not deliver value to you, I will issue a refund.

Who are You, Anyways?

My name is Jens and I am a software developer from Frankfurt, Germany. Self-taught and professionally coding since 1999 in the Java universe. I started with Java 1.1 and enjoyed the pain of Java Enterprise - yeah EJB Spec 0.93b - that was awful. Spring saved me, so I switched to it over a decade ago and never looked back.

Some time ago I discovered that my purpose in life is helping others in making better decisions for themselves which they can live with. Instead of doing this on the go, I switched now full-time to teaching fellow devs.

My guides are the kind of material I love reading myself but never found before.

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