Clean Up Your HDD (HDDCleaner preliminary final version)

Last Update: 27.12.2006. By kerim in hddcleaner | python

This will be my “preliminary final” version of HDDCleaner.

Clean Up Your HDD (source)

Last Update: 22.12.2006. By kerim in hddcleaner | python

I had the time do rework my hddcleaner a bit.
It’s now ready to be shown.

Clean Up Your HDD (Java version)

Last Update: 14.12.2006. By kerim in hddcleaner | java

A collegue of mine - Axel Sammet - took the time to implement my small clean up tool in Java. Performance is faster, i like his GUI (using a table) a bit better. If you have a problem running it try -Xmx128M for increaed heap size. Here however a screenshot of the java gui and the HDDelete.jar (includes sources)
My version will adopt that “feature”.

At the moment i am working on a darkroom clone. Guess that will be ready soon too.

Clean Up your HDD (GUI)

Last Update: 09.12.2006. By kerim in gui | hddcleaner | python

I finished a small prototype with an “acceptable” GUI.
The functionality for going through the disk(s) and sorting all files according to size was already nearly finished last time.

Clean Up Your HDD (Start)

Last Update: 05.12.2006. By kerim in hddcleaner | python

As mentioned here i will implement a small program sorting the files of any given list of directories according to size, present that visually and offer you a button to delete selected files.