Last Update: 15.01.2008. By Axel in game development | java | tools | Algorithms

Strategic game programming is a fascinating subject, that I have been attracted to for several years now. I always wanted to implement my own chess program but that seemed to complicated for the beginning. Therefore I started with Reversi and a simple minimax alogrithm on my beloved Amiga. Then I turned to chess and learned about more sophisticated variations of the minimax.

Clean Up Your HDD (Java version)

Last Update: 14.12.2006. By kerim in hddcleaner | java

A collegue of mine - Axel Sammet - took the time to implement my small clean up tool in Java. Performance is faster, i like his GUI (using a table) a bit better. If you have a problem running it try -Xmx128M for increaed heap size. Here however a screenshot of the java gui and the HDDelete.jar (includes sources)
My version will adopt that “feature”.

At the moment i am working on a darkroom clone. Guess that will be ready soon too.

Feeds and Java

Last Update: 18.11.2006. By azarai in java

my contribution at now here: