Why are legacy apps be forgotten?

Last Update: 21.11.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Legacy apps are the bane of developers. Many have to work on one, nobody loves them. But why do they grow to such a pain?

A huge problem of legacy apps

Last Update: 20.11.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

I know legacy apps cause many issues. Nobody really wants to work on one. The funny thing is, most of them are already the legacy problems roughly a half year after the first release. At least in my experience. Anyways, one of the problems can become a nightmare after a few years.

Write your assumptions down

Last Update: 16.11.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Keep a list of your assumption during development. After all, we’ll probably never ever answer all of our assumptions before we develop anything.


Last Update: 15.11.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Assumptions are everywhere.

If you think about going solo

Last Update: 13.11.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

If you think about going solo - becoming self-employed, read this article first and this comment too. It’s so true.

Use-case driven naming

Last Update: 09.11.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Besides being consistent with naming, I think readability and easy understanding are also important. I sum that up as use-case-driven.

Being consistent in naming

Last Update: 08.11.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

Naming things like classes, methods or packages can be hard. Especially if you are not working alone. However, I don’t think there is a universal rule for naming things. It depends on the context. WHat comes close to a universal rule, is being consistent with naming. If you are working in a team and everybody on it names their classes and packages differently, it becomes a mess.

Java books for you

Last Update: 05.11.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

There’s a Java book bundle on humble bundle. It looks like a good mix of language stuff, cloud, Spring, reactive dev und machine learning with Java. Maybe that’s something for you, maybe not. Check it out and decide for yourself.

So glad I wrote docs....

Last Update: 02.11.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

I developed a small utility for sending bulk emails a year or so ago. Reads a CSV file, parses a text template and send the emails. Simple, tiny. Yeah, right.

I wrote a new book

Last Update: 01.11.2018. By Jens in Newsletter

but it is not about programming at all. Actually, I wrote it at the beginning of this year. However, in German, so I didn’t bother with writing about it here. A few months ago, I finally hired someone to translate it into English as I didn’t want to do it myself. I love writing books but not translating them :-)