Should I learn Spring or Spring Boot?

Last Update: 18.06.2019. By Jens in Spring Boot | Learning | Developers Life

There is a lot of confusion about Spring Boot and its relationship to the Spring Framework. Some of that leads to questions like “Should I learn Spring Boot rather than the Spring Framework” or “Do I need to know Spring before I can start with Spring Boot?”. Let’s clarify that for you.

Getting Started with Caching in Spring Boot Applications

Last Update: 04.04.2019. By Jens in Spring Boot

One of the features of the Spring Framework is a cache you can transparently add to your code. All you need to do is set an annotation on a method you want to cache and configure the caching mechanism itself. Setting up the cache wasn’t a big deal before, and with Spring Boot it got even more straightforward. Let’s dive into it with an example.

Getting Started with Spring Session

Last Update: 03.04.2019. By Jens in Spring Boot

In this tutorial, we are going to look at Spring Session and build two applications which share the session in Redis.

Beginner Mistake 1: Forgetting that Spring uses Proxies

Last Update: 24.01.2019. By Jens in Spring Boot | Learning

Beginners and even long-time users of Spring can forget that the magic is all about proxies. Yep, when Spring works its magic, your classes are proxied.

Getting Started with Feign Client in Spring

Last Update: 25.10.2018. By Jens in Spring Boot

In this tutorial, we will take a look at the FeignClient and how to use it in a Spring Boot application.

Parsing Arguments in Commandline Applications with Spring Boot

Last Update: 28.08.2018. By Jens in Spring Boot

In Commandline Applications with Spring Boot we also implemented a command line app using the CommandLineRunner interface provided by Spring. However, argument/options/parameter handling is not that good with it. Luckily, there is an even better method of writing a command line app with Spring Boot and also have good options parsing with the ApplicationRunner interface.

The Difference Between @Bean and @Component and When to Use What?

Last Update: 27.08.2018. By Jens in Spring Boot

A question that almost always comes up in my training. So, it is time to answer it for anyone and not only in-class.

How to implement custom parameter mapping in Spring MVC

Last Update: 06.08.2018. By codeboje in Spring MVC | Spring Boot

In this tutorial, we will discuss HandlerMethodArgumentResolver which is being used to resolve the arguments of the public MVC methods (handler methods). To understand this feature in depth, we will look at different out of the box method argument resolvers and how we can a write custom argument resolver. We will take an example of resolving the hostname (domain) of the server.

Basic Properties Handling in Spring Boot

Last Update: 14.03.2018. By Jens in Spring Boot | Newsletter

I covered properties handling in Spring Boot a while ago in my Learnletter. This page summarize all emails to make it easier for you to dive into the topic.

Receiving a Paddle WebHook in Spring Boot

Last Update: 02.03.2018. By Jens in Spring Boot | Spring MVC | Newsletter

In this short tutorial, we’ll cover how to receive a webhook from Paddle in Spring Boot properly.