Last Update: 26.02.2019. By Jens in Newsletter

Human communication is complex. It is also way more than just words. Most of our interaction runs on a subconscious level; facial expression, gesture, posture, sound, etc. And the other human interprets that in combination with the words you talk. However, communication also happens without words. Think of Charly Chaplin movies.

So, when you are in your daily standup and look out of the window the whole time someone other is talking or on the floor, it is communicating something to the other participants. Even when you don’t intend to. The others are perceiving something of you and their brain makes up their reality.

Now, let’s pick up yesterdays topic and pretend you think your management are morons wholeheartedly. Even when you do not say a word, your communication style will change because you built up inner tension. You hate being there, talking with those stupid PEEP about stupid things. This will show up in the way you stand or sit, how you look, where you look, maybe rolling your eyes when they say something or ignoring them right away. Maybe clenching a fist. Or just bring extra distance between you and them.

I bet we all have done that at some point in our dev life. Seems to be normal for our career but extremely stupid.

Try to switch the place with another participant in that meeting. How does it feel to have to deal with that angry dev guy? Do you feel welcomed?


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