What we can learn from team rocket

Last Update: 29.06.2018. By Jens in Developers Life | Learning | Newsletter

I’ve been watching Jessie, James, and Meowth failing for almost two years now with my daughter. It’s fun and both of us enjoy the show. I never really watched em when they first aired. Surprised me a bit. What surprised me, even more, is that they promote some great virtues along the show like never give up, teamwork, give your best and don’t be an arrogant asshole.

One thing I particularly like is that team rocket never gives up. They fail, show after show, yet they still try to do their thing. Sure, we could blatantly see it as boring otherwise. Yet, it’s also a great skill for devs. Not giving up on when the first problem arises. Try to solve problems yourself and do not give up easily. But, and that is the second thing which I believe is great with team rocket, once in a time they actually ask for help. In situations where they realize their limits and that they can’t solve their problems themselves. They even ask their enemies.

Same applies to devs. Know your limits, yet still, try to solve it and if you can’t, swallow your pride and ask for help. Maybe even the douchebag or prima donna on the team. Yeah, some teams got those and it is a pain I can tell you. Where we can also transfer from Pokemon to the real world. Don’t be one of them. It is a pain for those around you :-)

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