Spring Boot Intermediate Microservices


Learn how to access a microservice and build a reliable infrastructure using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. We are using the same actionable and hands-on approach as in my other books.

The book is highly specialized in helping you to build a common reliable infrastructure for microservices. As with all my learning material it is actionable and highly focused like a Simple Programmers learning plan custom made for you. We cover the essentials and get you started in no time.

Together we build a tiny application using the microservice we created before and expand the scenario with common patterns used in microservice environments for building a reliable fault tolerant infrastructure.

You learn best by coding.

We use Spring Boot 2 with the Milestone 2.

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What you will build

We will write a simple client application for our microservice and improve it with each step to handling load balancing, failovers, service discovery and more.

What you will learn

  • How to access a remote API with Spring's RestTemplate
  • How to do retries and fallbacks in case of API errors
  • How to add client side load balancing to it
  • How to use the circuit breaker pattern with Spring Cloud
  • How to register and discover services
  • What the role of a gateway is
  • How you can easily add a gateway
  • How to store configurations in a central place

This book is for you when

  • you have started using Spring Boot
  • you want to improve on microservices and Spring Boot
  • you read my Spring Boot starting book and want to continue learning

It is NOT for you if

  • you like reading thousands of fluffy pages
  • you like wasting your previous time on watching video courses for weeks
  • you have not worked with Spring Boot (use my Spring Boot book first and come back)
  • you don't know the Java language at all (Learn the basics and come back :-) )

What you will get

Spring Boot Intermediate Microservices is available in 2 editions:

Lifetime Version | MOST BOUGHT
This edition includes the book in Kindle, ePub and PDF (soon) format and comes with free lifetime updates. When I update the book, you always get the latest version at no additional costs. I will update it to Spring Boot 2 Release.

You can get it right now for the ridiculous low introduction price of $9.99. Right, for the price of the Print version you can get the All-Digital one with lifetime updates. However, hurry as the price will go up soon.

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If you have questions, do not hesitate and contact me using the email address at the end of the book. I'll hep you out.

Regular Version
The book is also available on Amazon for Kindle and Print (later) for a smaller price but without getting free lifetime updates. When I update the book, i.e. upgrade to Spring Boot 2 you have to buy it again.

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