Spring Boot: How To Get Started and Build a Microservice


Learn to build your first Spring Boot application with an actionable and hands-on approach.

The book is highly specialized in helping you to write your first real world Spring Boot application; actionable and focused. I left the fluff out and stayed on track, so you get the most benefit out of it. It is specific in guiding you to your first real world Spring Boot app. I am not telling you the origins of Java (which typically make 1/4 of a book), nor am I writing a bit about everything and nothing.

I love this book. Just enough info to quickly get to the heart of the matter...

-- Larry

Get me started for just $9.99

Together we build a real application, and I will explain you the steps and libraries involved on the go.

You learn best by coding.

What you will build

We create a Microservice for storing comments and providing a REST-like Interface for interacting with the data. The sample application is modeled after a real production application to guide you through building your first Spring Boot application.

We focus on the backend and API and will not cover an UI.

What you will learn

  • How to build a microservice with Spring Boot 1.5.x
  • How to work with a relational database using the Spring Data JPA Framework
  • How to write the REST API using Spring MVC
  • How to create a service layer and integrate a legacy library using its own Spring ApplicationContext in an XML file
  • How to test the application
  • An easy way to secure you application
  • How to use monitoring and health check out of the box with Spring Boot
  • How to deploy your application

This book is for you when

  • you have a bit of experience with Java and want to learn Spring Boot
  • you already work with the Spring Framework, but you are new to Spring Boot
  • you love building applications and learning new technologies

It is NOT for you if

  • you like reading thousands of fluffy pages
  • you like wasting your previous time on watching video courses for weeks
  • you just read and don't take action
  • you don't know the Java language at all (Learn the basics and come back :-) )

If you are new to Spring and are not sure if you can start with Spring Boot, take my free 5-day email course learning the Spring Core basics.

I bought this book because i wanted to learn a simple way of creating API endpoints AND securing them and I was happy to see that this book delivered. Most of the material I've read on this before was either too complex, outdated or simply skipped the security part entirely...

-- Nelson

What you will get

You will receive the book in Kindle, ePub and PDF format. You'll also get free lifetime updates. This means when I update the book, and I will do so for upgrading to Spring Boot 2, you always get the latest version at no additional costs.

You can get it right now for the ridiculous low introduction price of $9.99. Hurry, as the price will go up soon.

I want learn Spring Boot for just $9.99

If you have questions, do not hesitate and contact me using the email address at the end of the book. I'll help you out. I totally mean that. If you get stuck for whatever reason, just drop me an email.

... This book ... is much easier and fit for someone like me who is just starting out. It’s structured and the author clearly is an expert in the material...

-- Hanete

See you inside,