Training and Coaching

I help devs becoming better at building APIs with Spring.

My services are available as low-risk, fixed-price packages. Please don’t hesitate to ask for guidance — I’ll show you around and explain all possible options. Should you need a custom solution, just get in touch, and we’ll figure out the right way to work together.

I speak English and German. Pocket Guides, online course, and all written material are in English.

Spring for Beginners EMail Course - free

A free, 5-day email course for getting started with Spring Core for beginners.

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Pocket Guides - $9.99+

Tired of wading through outdated, incomplete or even wrong tutorials online? Fed up with the hostile environment on many web forums and QA sites? Then my pocket guides might be for you.

The guides focus on one single topic around building APIs and microservices with Spring Boot. Self-paced learning.

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Spring Boot Online Course - $97

Text-based and code-centric online course for getting started with Spring Boot and build your first microservice with a REST-like API. Self-paced online learning. With me at your side.

Build Your First Microservice with Spring Boot Course

1-on-1 Consulting Call - €247

Have a Spring problem you are stuck on? Don’t know how to implement a particular feature in Spring (Boot)? Are unsure if your architecture or software design will work? Or how to implement parts of it with Spring?

Let’s chat. We’ll review your current situation and figure out a brief roadmap for solving your problems.

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Spring Boot Workshop for Individuals - €500

Open, in-person, 1-day workshops in Frankfurt am Main/Germany for small groups. We build a microservice with REST-like API with Spring Boot.

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Individual Dev Coaching - €997/month

You work in an environment that discourages learning? You want to improve as a developer? Becoming better in Java, Spring or general dev topics like architecture and design? Grow and become a better dev as you are today?

Doing it alone is tiresome and confusing? Do you buy books and courses, but never finish them because you can’t find time or motivation? Your mind is full of ideas, but at the end of the day, you did do nothing?

With my private, personalized coaching program, you can grow as a developer. Gain access to 17+ years of dev experiences and a certified mental trainer.

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Team Coaching - custom pricing

You work with a small dev team with Spring, but the only one with Spring experience is you? Your day is filled with fixing application context errors and teaching your team members basics thus you can’t work on shipping code? Your boss is complaining about the progress, but your company tells you they can’t hire a new developer? Then my team coaching might be the right solution for you and your company.

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Custom On-Premise Spring and Spring Boot Training - custom pricing

Personalized, project-based training to help your team master Spring to build resilient APIs. Don’t waste your time with teachers that never ever have implemented a production application in their life. Or worse, hire one of those freelancers who just finished a book about Spring a minute before your engagement starts. Or one of the consultancies who send you their junior dev.

Save yourself from failure and hire me as an expert in building enterprise-grade applications for 17+, and a decade of that with Spring.

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